Do you want more???


Do you want more power in your life?

Do you want more peace in the storms?

Do you want to know Christ more personally?

Do you want to know the Bible better, but find it hard to engage?

Do you wonder if God cares or if He is even listening?


iNeed God is a 90 day journey

to inspire new believers and mature Christians

into a deeper relationship with Christ.  

We can know Christ like we know our best friends.  

God desires to know YOU!

What OTHERS are saying about iNeed God!


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Daily Downloads for Your Heart:

●  Verses for Today

        Scriptures to read and meditate on.

●  Short Stories of men & women in the Bible who struggled with their relationship with God.

Despite their mistakes and struggles learned to live for God. 

●  God App for Today:

        Questions for a time of reflection and application to your life.

Weekly Video:

  • On Day 5  you will receive a short video about the study with your email.

  • Day 5 I share the story or interview a believer who has been tested and is  living out their faith today.  

Weekly Topics:

  • Week 1  –  iRebel

  • Week 2  –  iRepent

  • Week 3  –  iSurrender

  • Week 4  –  iSeek

  • Week 5  –  iObey

  • Week 6  –  inFavor

  • Week 7  –  iFind

  • Week 8  –  iFollow

  • Week 9  –  iGrow

  • Week 10  – iPray

  • Week 11  – iServe

  • Week 12  – iLive


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