Do you want more???

Do you want more power in life?

Do you want more peace in the storms? 

Do you want to know Christ more personally?

Do you want to know the Bible better, but find it hard to engage?

Do you wonder if God cares if He is even listening?

Take a 90 day journey with iNeed God 

into a deeper relationship with Christ.
We can know Christ like we know our best friends.

God desires to know You!

What others are saying about iNeed God!

In 90 days, Joyce Glass walks with you through a journey that will change you. Through Scriptures, Joyce’s insights, discussion questions, and journaling exercises, you will examine yourself deeply and come to know and love God more fully. It won’t be an easy journey. But it will be extremely beneficial. ​

Keith Ferrin
That You May Know Ministries
Author & Speaker 
Laura McCoy

I just love the study. It is uplifting, love, and inspiration in my email.

​The iNeed God Bible study is one of the best Bible studies I have come across. 

If you are a “baby” Christian or a seasoned vet in the Bible game you will get something out of this study. Myself, I am a “teen” Christian and what I like about the iNeed God study is that it does not have your nose in the Bible the whole time. I know sometimes reading the Bible can be down right boring, but Joyce finds ways to keep it interesting.

You get real life scenarios to go along with your Bible Study. Not only do you hear from Joyce and her trials, tribulations, and triumphs, but you hear from other people she has come across to interview for her wildly popular blog, The Daily GPS.

I could go on and on about how my life and the lives of my friends have been changed by this Bible study, but don’t take my word for it…uNeed God, iNeed God. So go get some daily downloads for your heart!

Tony Adams

Steven Ruddick

I did not grow up knowing the Lord or going to church. A friend of mine asked me to take 10 minutes of my day for 90 days to try this Bible study. I gave it a try.

It answered a lot of questions I always had, but was embarrassed to ask because of my age. It was easy to follow, understand and relate to. If I ever had any questions, I could always ask Joyce who was willing to help me. It changed my life, and I’m proud to say at the age of 42 I am a Christian now

Joyce Glass is a writer, speaker, a writing coach for writers & speakers, and lover of God's Word even more than chocolate! Her desire is to encourage you to walk closer to God, dig deeper in your faith, pray earnestly for God to teach you His ways, so you may serve Him right where you live and work. She has a passion to see you become healthy spiritually and physically.